Relaxation in a new dimension
Experience the first fully interactive virtual reality platform to increase the mental well-being in your company.

There is no doubt about the fact that the human asset is the key intangible asset for any organization…

Unfortunately, today more than 70% of all employees suffer from continuous stress at work.


An underestimated problem that leads to low productivity, serious health issues and burnout at the end.


When it comes to avoiding and treating stress, experts around the world agree that meditation is the most efficient method.


Already 10 minutes of meditation per day is enough to reduce negative feelings and significantly increase the overall performance.

Introducing ZENVIEW

With ZENVIEW we have developed the most innovative solution to reduce work-related stress and negative feelings immediately.


The use of state-of-the-art virtual reality technology combined with a variety of audio guides allows the employee to completely immerse himself in a new world and find his personal place of relaxation – without actually leaving the workplace.


Benefit from relaxed employees in increased productivity, engagement and profitability.


ZENVIEW is available in three flexible packages based on a monthly subscription.

What is included

Our goal is to create a little oasis of peace and relaxation in every office.


For this purpose, we supply not only the software but also all the components required for it. This includes a table to store the hardware, a cozy seat and an individually designed rollup.


The complete setup is assembled in less than 10 minutes and ready for use 24/7.

Leave the world behind

Visit various amazing and interactive destinations, from peaceful forests and sun drenched mountains to the spectacular depths of the ocean.


The innovative use of the latest real-time 3d technology allows us to create photorealistic environments of outstanding quality.

Learn how to meditate

Individually developed by experts in the field of corporate wellness and meditation, our audio guides help your employees transform the negative feelings that arise at work into positive ones.


All our audio guides follow a systematic method including mental, emotional and physical relaxation.

Truly Immersive VR Experience

To ensure the highest possible visual quality, we only rely on the latest generation VR technology. Experience the most beautiful environments to relax in vibrant colors and a wide field of view.


In seconds, the headset can be adapted to the individual head size and with a weight of only 350 grams, it can be worn almost unnoticed.

Monthly usage report

Learn more about the usage behavior in detailed figures.


Which emotions are most frequently represented, which environments are chosen and how much time your employees spend relaxing.


All data is automatically recorded and analyzed in a report every month.

What people said

Request a Live Demo

ZENVIEW is a multisensory and fully interactive application best experienced on your own body.


For this purpose, we invite you to our showroom at any time.

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